Bright Lights on a Dark Night

Bright Lights on a Dark Night

Solo marimba; 2006 (10')



A piece I wrote when I was sixteen years old. The reason it's featured here is that people seem to enjoy playing it. I first presented this piece in 2007 in the Académie Musicale de Villecroze, a marimba and composition master class with Keiko Abe in a lovely town of Villecroze in southern France. During this masterclass I met Emiko Uchiyama - a great marimba player from Japan. She heard me presenting the piece on the masterclass and decided to include it in her debut album called Emiko. I thank her for the interest in my music and for making this decision that at the time meant a great deal for me and I'm still grateful for to this day.


Since the release of the album, the piece sort of gained the life on its own. I don't know who plays it and where but I know some people do since I've been getting requests for scores over the years. My relationship to this piece is a peculiar one as I've came a long way as a composer since then. However, I always appreciate seeing people buy the score from this website every once a while and I'm curious to see what's going to happen next. My hope is that if you're buying this piece here, you also spend 1 minute of your time checking out some of my newer work. Please :)



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Contemporary marimba music featuring solo marimba compositions and "Rounders" by Michael Burritt for marimba and percussion ensemble.



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