Five Voices

Five Voices

Marimba, cello; 2015 (13')


Magdalena Cymer and Jakub Frączek performing Five Voices in the Firehouse Space, New York City.


Five Voices was written for Magdalena Cymer and Jakub Frączek, a Krakow-based cello and marimba duo. The piece is inspired by certain artistic dilemmas that I faced around the time I was composing it. First movement (The Struggling Voice of Educated Creativity) adheres to the struggle between logic and intuition while composing music and finding the right balance for these two elements. Second movement (The Vanishing Voice of Youth) is inspired by the style of my teenage composition endeavors. Third movement (The Voice of Masters and Apprentices) is inspired by the doings of academic institutions teaching composition fixed in the traditions from the first half of the twentieth century. Forth movement (The Voice of Those Who Are Not to be Mentioned) brings about the problem of guilty pleasures manifesting itself in the fascination of musical styles that are sort of "forbidden" in some conservative educational circles - the subject that I further developed in my work that was to come in the next two years. The last movement (Birds - the voice of the city before early morning) is the most literal manifestation of voice as it's inspired by the voice of birds which are the most present sound in some large cities before people wake up and start their automobile engines.


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Contemporary marimba music featuring solo marimba compositions and "Rounders" by Michael Burritt for marimba and percussion ensemble.



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