SHIFT - Fajrant!

SHIFT - Fajrant!

Multi percussion solo with fixed media; 2016 (12')


Noé Rodrigo performing SHIFT-Fajrant! in Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, Spain.


The piece was written for a Spanish percussionist Noé Rodrigo who I met at the Lucerne Academy in the summer 2015. The idea came from the structure of a manual laborer's average working day. The ABA structure adheres to the circularity of worker's life. A section is extremely difficult and precisely notated imitating the hard labor and subordination and an entirely improvised B section that symbolizes the illusion of freedom when one takes a break from work.


The fixed media track contains of sounds of beating metal as well as various verbal statements coming from manual laborers from different parts of the world and different periods of time talking about the issues connected with their jobs. During the B section, the sounds contain party noises, laughter, beer can opening sounds, and others. All of the human sounds used in the fixed media track come from people who live or lived in the socialist or communist countries. The work spirit and various idealizations of manual labor from communist propaganda was the main source of inspiration for that piece even though at the end it was more about the people rather than political systems.


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Press note about Rodrigo's performance of SHIFT-Fajrant! and about the piece (in Catalan)


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